It’s High Time…

For hi tops! Potentially the most potent Man Repeller of all. Certainly every time I’ve uttered the words “hi tops”, or clicked onto them online, my male counterpart has wrinkled his nose. When I ask “What? Do you not like them?” he replies, “I can’t even believe you like them.”

The threat of break ups not withstanding, I do love them – my poor tired feet are crying out for them. But I’m also very particular when it comes to my tastes in this decidedly masculine trend. See below, my holy grail, my ideal sneakers:


YSL – Nude Patent Malibu Sneakers, $545 at Ssense

Despite promising cost-per-wear ratios, I can’t bring myself to part with that kind of cash for sneakers…I just feel like those dollars could do such fun things…like this, or this or this.

Accordingly, I have told myself to wait for the inevitable high street version – nude, patent leather, comfortable.



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